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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-30
Rebar quenching furnace, is the constant Yang machinery research and development production for rebar, steel bar induction heating equipment, can produce different size of workpieces, quick design change hydropower joint, flexible installation, make its more can meet the needs of users. Then the bar quenching furnace how many money? Also look at the actual situation, small make up in induction heating equipment used, the product highlights, quotation and so on several aspects to introduce. A, bar bar quenching furnace, quenching furnace application is a new type of energy conservation and environmental protection induction heating equipment, structural innovation, originality, widely used in rebar, steel bar, bar, stainless steel rods, wear-resistant steel rods, grinding rods and other various metal workpiece heat treatment processing, processing of workpiece, but also be applied to the construction, water conservancy, chemical industry, road, building materials, mining and other industries, commercial value is very considerable. Second, the rebar quenching furnace product window 1, small volume, covers an area of less, more suitable for limited space users; 2, artifacts, warming faster, efficient work, long hours trouble-free operation; 3, bar quenching furnace production and processing efficiency is as high as 60% ~ 70%, low energy waste rate; 4, simple structure, convenient operation, saving maintenance, maintenance time and cost; 5, environmental protection, no pollution, reduce dust, noise and other pollution problems. Third, rebar quenching furnace affordable rebar quenching furnace exactly how much money? Compared with other heat treatment equipment, the induction heating equipment will not be too expensive, mainly according to the user depending on the capacity of the required power, each manufacturer of workmanship, materials, technology and the way of selling, will make the price difference, customer advice when buying the home inspection, the more contrast. High frequency rebar thread annealing
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