Quickly fill in medium frequency furnace

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-09
Quickly fill in medium frequency furnace technology, an intermediate frequency furnace refractory material damage, cracks, loss of what, for example with a: no, refractory cement wasn't here, generally with magnesium powder, with a glass of water and ethanol, after working, high hardness, high temperature resistance is very good, the glass of water and ethanol ratio now. Why, intermediate frequency furnace, compensation ark open old jump answer: this question or harmonic problem for many times, jumped open is 400 v power source in the high frequency compensation ark is not a lot of ways to reduce the harmonic. Intermediate frequency furnace reactive power compensation and harmonic treatment! ! ! A: most used at present, the highest ratio of passive filter, can be in harmonics and compensate reactive power. Of course, there are active filtering scheme, but this is several times higher, less commonly used from the consideration on the economy. Hello: I am a junior high school graduation engaged in the personnel of intermediate frequency furnace steelmaking, orders, answer: this is according to proficiency, what's the use of balance not reading a book, it's not a matter of theory more than a their study skills. Consult the teacher, is very useful. Using the intermediate frequency furnace smelting thyristor inverter need to add capacitance compensation? A: compensation and don't want to see your company itself up to not meet the national standards of power factor, short of electricity will be fine, more than the nation is rewarded. But I suggest that you do not use capacitance compensation, it is best to SVG. Our factory have a medium frequency furnace, with load capacitance compensation ark will automatically into the intermediate frequency furnace rapid repairing a: normal, capacitance can improve the power factor, since the power factor is 100, you can't get compensation. For help: a medium frequency induction coil, furnace compensation capacitance of connect in parallel medium frequency furnace rapid repairing a: is this typical times the pressure connection, string and equal capacitance is double pressure! ~ induction coil, the measured voltage is twice the output medium frequency power supply voltage. Mainly use appliances is 500 kva transformer of 400 kva intermediate frequency electric furnace (distribution medium frequency furnace has been rapid filling a: 500 kva transformer mainly use appliances is 400 kva intermediate frequency electric furnace (has distribution capacity) still need to match how much capacitance reactive compensation ark reward points: 0 14 more days until problems over 13 hours if your device running average power factor is lower than the 09, which equipment has a problem, and improve the equipment operation condition, there is no need to add or power frequency compensation capacitance as plus. Which teacher knows of intermediate frequency furnace electric cabinet is how to calculate the compensation capacitor. A: reactive power transformer itself, since the transformer itself is composed of coil, transformer's own reactive also many, need another plus part of power capacitor to compensate, the compensation amount related to the size of the transformer, generally for transformer capacity of 15% 30%. Reactive power unit for kvar ( Kvar) 。 Electric power can be divided into active power and reactive power.
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