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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-01
Ago, people will feel foreign equipment technology advanced, the quality is good, so many people chose the equipment abroad, but now more and more people chose the home-made equipment, with metal heat treatment equipment advanced bar in quenching furnace as an example, foshan heng Yang machinery factory not only has realized the covered more than domestic provinces and cities, and also exported to foreign countries, so what's it like in domestic bar induction quenching furnace? How much is the price? Many people are concerned about this, to understand the price of the watch, this paper emphatically introduces for everybody. Because each manufacturer to master the technology and production technology, production of metal quenching equipment will be slightly different, here to provide you with professional research and development, production, sales and after-sales team of foshan constant Yang machinery factory production of bar quenching furnace, it has been nearly 10 years, technology in line with international standards, production equipment checked by + 2000 users, reliable quality, variety, model is complete. Why more and more people choose domestic induction hardening equipment that there were two main reasons: one is: imported equipment cost 20% more than the domestic - The investment of 30%, on the one hand, foreign price is more expensive than domestic equipment, plus freight, fees, etc. , need more investment, on the other hand, the late maintenance also has certain problem, often not timely or not directly related to, so in domestic choose and buy is to save money and worry. Second: in addition to the cost problem, more important to buy the equipment quality and performance, now domestic equipment technology and quality more consummate, produce the metal induction hardening equipment performance can satisfy the various needs of users, such as constant Yang machinery factory production of bar quenching furnace not only can walk freely, but also can remote control, remote control, that the remoter areas can realize remote service, guarantee user's big gains. So more and more people chose to domestic products. Domestic induction hardening equipment price how many money? Induction hardening equipment for metal heat treatment equipment in the industry, its price is determined by the purpose and equipment size. There are cheaper stand-alone, ten thousand thousand dollars. There are also more expensive expensive automation, the market price is concentrations of start, the price of large induction hardening equipment can achieve 23 million, metal induction hardening equipment from different manufacturers offer is different, each manufacturer has its own price list, so if you want to know the specific price list, consult the specific equipment manufacturers, professional technical engineers customized solutions and quotation for you! Foshan city heng Yang mechanical and electrical equipment co. , LTD. , is the domestic earlier developed in high frequency induction heating equipment manufacturers, gathered a number of specialized is engaged in induction heating equipment engineering specialists, r&d, design, manufacture, sales and service in a body private enterprise. Has a strong r&d team, rich experience, according to the workpiece and process customized automatic induction heating equipment, free of charge to provide customers with personalized technology solutions. And a complete after-sales service system in various areas of the country, enabled us to win the trust of many domestic enterprises, experience for them to provide quality products and services, welcome to visit company.
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