Production workshop technicians master li for copper scrap melting furnace

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-26
Zhuhai ms zhao heng Yang in foshan last year to buy the two copper scrap melting furnace used for smelting of metal scrap material, because ms zhao more waste and impurity such as iron and copper steel and related to a certain amount of impurities, sometimes change melting furnace smelting, so more troublesome. Production workshop to ms zhao mechanic master li has copper scrap melting furnace thoroughly remould oneself, asking to just know, turned out to be ms zhao with original 30 kg crucible melting smaller, want something words temperature and melting of, so the back to the manufacturer to be modified. Master li said copper scrap melting furnace crucible materials are all refractory insulation materials, common magnesia, clay, high purity graphite, calcite, steel jade, porcelain, etc. Crucible of the specifications of the model is more, when use was not influenced by the scale of production, batch size and smelting chemical species of qualified, can be arbitrarily selected, strong commonality, and verifiable by smelting chemical purity. The crucible manufacturing raw materials, can be summarized as three kinds. One is natural high purity graphite crystal quality, the other is ductility of refractory clay, 3 it is through hard kaolin class framework of calcine cement clinker. Started from 2008, the first selection of heat resistant composite material, such as: silicon carbide crucible, 3 oxidation 2 aluminium Jin Gangsha and ferrosilicon do the framework of cement clinker. This type of cement to improve the quality of crucible products, and improve the crucible relative density and impact toughness has a significant effect. Ms zhao of the two sets of copper scrap melting furnace all normally 3 days to help him put the crucible in good time. If you want to find a technology professional production manufacturer of copper scrap melting furnace, why don't you visit to heng Yang enterprises, foshan city, guangdong province, the company not only to sell copper scrap melting furnace, afterwards the conversion of crucible is also very convenient.
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