Production of air-conditioning refrigeration system, copper brazing practical is particularly important

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-26
Production of air-conditioning refrigeration system, copper brazing practical is particularly important. The following are some examples: in the cooler parts brazing pipe, welded pipe on the air conditioning evaporator, brazing to block parts of pipeline, brazing piping components. However, the use of copper brazing is difficult, the parts and the induction heating equipment has a high rules. When the application of high temperature copper alloy profiles, especially in this, because the size tolerance category of the processing technology is very narrow. It is due to the high efficient liquidus temperature of copper alloy is very close to the basic materials of melting temperature. In fact, the difference can low to 40 ° C. When brazing with thick layer of copper oxide, air flux is particularly important. In order to better maintain need the processing results of repeated operation, and ensure the consistent first production processing quality, it is important to apply the same amount of flux and copper alloy. Therefore, copper alloy preform part of general application. Sales market has allowed at lower temperatures to carry out the new copper alloy brazing, thus make the whole process more easy. But the types from beginning to end is the application of the copper alloy to the compressive strength of brazing parts. Copper parts of the following is used to air conditioning refrigeration system of the induction heating brazing of some of the benefits: compared with other ways, stronger first according to the level of quality. This also caused less and less waste and less repair. Rapid circulation time represents the per hour can manufacture a large number of parts. - safety, clean and environmental protection No gas, no open flame. Less and less power consumption According to the induction, only in the necessary time and address cause calorific value. All normal operation time ( The whole process with the operator irrelevant) Reduce the risk of the artificial factor is not correct. Quality feedback - Induction heating converter microcomputer records important process of main parameters of high frequency brazing, brazing and welding Is lower than common way of heating copper welding - hot pot Copper welding in the welding material selection and temperature control are university asked
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