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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-26
Portable high frequency welding machine electromagnetic coil making raw materials selection should give full consideration to the appearance of the pipe, through the electromagnetic coil current, output power, resistance and refrigeration elements. Because the portable high-frequency welders in the electromagnetic coil through a lot of power flow, selection of low resistance of copper can reduce no benefit loss caused by coil resistance, reduce the water cooling; The thickness of the pipe should be more than electricity flow deep penetration of about three times, and so that is conducive to pressure water cooling tube, * less diameter of not less than 3. 2mm. In addition, the square air conditioning copper tube making the actual effect is better than circular air conditioning copper tube. Portable high-frequency electromagnetic coil welding equipment for large and medium-sized and large and medium-sized steel metal materials, to pay more attention to the dangers of magnetic force each other. Portable high frequency welding machine electromagnetic coil itself locked-rotor had mild magnetic force and the electromagnetic coil vibration, electromagnetic coils and steel in the middle of the magnetic force and can make the relative speed between each other, so necessary to the intermediate frequency induction furnace electromagnetic coil structure reinforcement. Portable high frequency welding machine manufacturer if choose single spiral electromagnetic coil as electromagnetic coil, the portable high-frequency welding machine electromagnetic coil design, section size should as far as possible, but not short circuit fault, the total ratio of the electromagnetic coil is too much more than the mean diameter, and electromagnetic coil and vice edge matching transformer wiring with bus-bar is too long. High frequency welding machine - Manufacturer to supply quality assurance high frequency welding machine high frequency welding machine - what brand is good - factory independent research and development production of high frequency welding machine company High frequency welding equipment service - 24 hours a day In line with the industry standard - high frequency welding machine equipment Welding high frequency welding machine - fast Reliable and practical copper pipe welding brazing method, how to use the high frequency welding machine welding of brass using high frequency welding machine for welding silver brazing
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