Portable high frequency welding machine - Actual operation simple and easy

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-26
Handheld high frequency welding machine operation simple and easy, in view of the abnormal phenomena of the flow pipe about lightning idleness, lightning, lightning shaking, electro-optic soak black and inverse arc extinguish tube. Lightning lazy mainly operating temperature decrease, tube of mercury in the standard air pressure to reduce. Sent from the cathode electronics have the opportunity of the molecular structure of mercury is less. In order to obtain a certain anodic oxidation of the total electricity flow, driving the gas dispersion area expansion, electro-optic lazy now capsule. Catch the arc gloss reduction. Electro-optic vibrate to extinguish because working temperature is too low, and even lower than the specified value also, keep up the arc voltage increase that lightning, lightning is just begin to vibrate and thoroughly crush. Rectifier embrittlement in long-term work in electro-optical inverse arc to be lazy, can make the glass shell. Mercury bronchus after hundreds of hours of work, will be laminated glass wall adsorption liquid water within small silver liquid, make glass shell black. If the pipe plenty standard air pressure in the tube, still can normal work. Lead to inverse arc because of the many key electric rectifier load flow suddenly improved, for example, shock tube vacuum pump penetrate, anodic oxidation choke coil to charge and discharge, blocking capacitor penetration, etc. , are handheld high-frequency welding machine for short-circuit fault caused by dc electric rectifier load flow rose sharply. All normal mercury first filling pipe pressure Pi no more than 15 volts. Because of low working temperature, the molecular structure of mercury current strength is reduced, pipe pressure drop will rise. If anodic oxidation is not clear, barium residue with the original in the chemical substances, such as would cause thermionic send inverse arc. Portable high frequency welding machine working temperature is too high the standard air pressure in the tube is very big, although in the anodic oxidation potential difference into negative sub camp has stopped work, but because of the high working voltage, between the cathode and anode oxidation of field strength is very big, also can make the molecular structure of mercury weak electrolytes, inverse arc. New rectifier tube, or been upside down pipes, do not have enough heat, adsorption on the anodic oxidation of liquid silver drop not completely evaporate. Money into the power circuit work, the work in the anodic oxidation voltage negative half wave produced by anodic oxidation and negative between strong electrostatic field effect caused by inverse arc cabinet to send. Portable high frequency heating vendors would make friends do not to customers is also very good - induction heater Hand-held induction heating - handheld structure High voltage and low voltage separation - induction heating machine Portable handheld operation fixed or portable handheld induction heating machine
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