Portable high frequency heating vendors would make friends do not to customers also pretty good

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-26
Return to work for a period of time a new client Mr. Wang heng Yang enterprise in foshan booked 2 portable high-frequency heating machine, see the contract that has come to the date of delivery, said Mr Wang called dropped sharply because of pneumonia outbreak order information, some customers also cancelled the order information, his assets the capital turnover don't come over and have only take a cargo might default. This kind of situation we need to do? Foshan city heng Yang business process manager xu for instructions reported superior leadership, after a handheld high-frequency heating machine let mr. wang all money paid for the new house, but also a well, in here for each other is a kind of loss. After xu heng Yang enterprise manager again and superior leadership communication, understand the difficulty of Mr. Wang, would this have good handheld high-frequency heating machine stored in the warehouse, because the hand-held machine high frequency heating machine for the most part is standard parts, after a customer submit orders, can according to the customer for the adjustment can be sold again. Manager zhang enterprises may be all sorts of reason, then they don't have a contact. A few days ago, xu manager Mr. Wang's phone call again, said there is a customer want to buy portable high-frequency heating machine, he thought of heng Yang enterprise help him before, inner gratitude, one of his partners now have these requirements, immediately thought of heng Yang enterprise, he also looking forward to assist to heng Yang company, Mr Wang said, do not to the customers, make friends is also very good. Induction heater - Hand-held induction heating - handheld structure High voltage and low voltage separation - induction heating machine Portable handheld operation fixed or portable handheld induction heating machine
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