On high frequency quenching machine manufacturers cooperation cases can be a lot of headaches

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-31
Many enterprises of metal material hardening product research and development is the high frequency quenching machine or intermediate frequency quenching machine, but the present stage high frequency quenching machine quality is currently on the market diversification, if bought quality generally high frequency quenching machine, production of goods will suffer some bad effects. If you can find a of high frequency quenching machine manufacturers to cooperate can save a lot of trouble. Zhuhai Mrs Li's companies have to develop a high frequency quenching machine recently, because other manufacturers custom-made before high frequency quenching machine often appeared two-tone quenching condition, looking for a manufacturer to help with, but didn't get help but avoid responsibility, this let Mrs Li is very depressed, feel or selected manufacturers technical unreliable. Only once again looking for other high frequency quenching machine manufacturers to help solve. Mrs Li according to the user's contact details to heng Yang of high-frequency quenching machine manufacturers, when the master to heng Yang has 10 years of induction heating equipment design, manufacturing experience, determines to the strength of investigation in heng Yang enterprise for one turn, shenzhen to heng Yang enterprise is half an hour's journey, Mrs Li was able to see the most of the run. Heng Yang's project engineer after seen Mrs Li try, ask the related key points, quick get the solution. Mrs Li heng Yang technical do feel, quickly accepted the plan, happy cooperation. High frequency quenching machine manufacturers have the overall strength of shenzhen gear high-frequency quenching machine tool equipment is customized according to customer samples of high frequency quenching machine tool - The use of the eddy current effect use value - high frequency quenching machine Common troubleshooting methods - high frequency quenching machine Manipulator automatic control system for small high frequency quenching machine - steadily Induction hardening industrial metal parts
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