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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-09-30
45 # steel quenching is one of the most common in the process of heat treatment of steel process, quenching can make the metal surface hardness wait to improve performance, such as the following heng Yang electromechanical bring people together to understand the quenching of 45 steel quenching heat treatment process, interested friends come in and have a look.     1. 1 prepare heat treatment & emsp;   45 # steel forged parts normally without annealing treatment, there are two reasons: its & emsp;   If one is that the annealing time is too long, it is easy to produce the ferrite concentration, results in uneven organization phenomenon; 。     2 it is because of 45 # steel forging workpiece with a long cycle for annealing treatment, lead to the production efficiency is low. 45 # steel preparation commonly used high temperature tempering and normalizing heat treatment. 45 # steel forged parts usually control within 724 ℃, such not only does not produce crystallization process, at the same time can reduce the internal stress, hardness is greatly reduced, easy to the next step of machining process & emsp;   1. 2 low temperature spheroidizing annealing & emsp;   Low temperature spheroidizing annealing is to put the workpiece heated to eutectoid transformation temperature for thermal insulation under the Acl, and then slowly but grimly, and can achieve the spheroidizing organization heat treatment method, the temperature of the no. 5 steel forged parts in close to 724 ℃, must carry on the long time heat preservation stage, that slice the ball light body will change, become the spheroidal pearlite, its hardness is within 145 hb, its tenacity, which laid a foundation for cold extrusion.     1. 3. Quenching & emsp;   Quenching of 45 steel is steel heating to Ac3 ( Hypoeutectoid steel) Or Ac1 ( Hypereutectoid steel) Above, temperature after heat preservation rear a variety of different cooling medium ( V in the cold should be greater than V) To obtain martensitic structure. Because of 45 # steel austenite stability is relatively poor, so in order to obtain high hardness martensite structure need to be heated to its rapid quenching cooling. 45 # steel has good thermal conductivity, in quenching furnace can direct people, do not need to preheat, according to the relevant technical requirements of the workpiece to choose temperature, general control heating temperature between 860 ℃ 820 ℃.     1. Four critical temperature quenching & emsp;   A large number of experiments show that the 45 # steel in a critical temperature of 780 ℃ during quenching, can obtain tiny austenitic grain size, make its toughness is greatly increased, at the same time reduce the crack sensitivity significantly. Some section of markedly different workpiece size, easy to crack during quenching, and carries on the critical temperature quenching treatment, can greatly reduce the probability of cracks.     1. 5 high frequency quenching & emsp;   High frequency quenching is through the induction heating equipment, induction heating was carried out on the workpiece, rapid heating surface of parts, and then the rapid quenching method of a kind of metal heat treatment. High frequency heating speed control range in 200 - Between 1 000 ℃, s, its critical temperature also corresponding increases, therefore, the quenching of 45 steel forgings heating temperature in 880. Between 920 ℃ and generally higher than other types of steel 80 - — 1000 ℃ sometimes higher. That 45 steel by heating in high frequency quenching speed quickly, the tiny, stress increases, can make the forgings of 62 - 66 HRC hardness, high wear resistance, fatigue resistance is strong, and the characteristics of the small notch sensitivity.     Above is the constant Yang electromechanical explain for everybody about the quenching of 45 steel quenching heat treatment process of the related content, if you have more good articles can give everyone to share.
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