New technology application advantages of horizontal intelligent quenching nc machine tools

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-11-27
Net weaving here for guys summary of some new technology about horizontal intelligent quenching nc machine advantages, for reference only: 1, horizontal intelligent quenching nc machine tool for shaft parts, sets, pin, gear parts, such as induction hardening, a continuous quenching, quenching at the same time, according to the period of continuous quenching, according to the period of hardening, etc at the same time; 2, low operation cost, product artifacts drive motor running only 250 w, one 5 of the whole equipment power consumption in industrial equipment; 3, choose CNC machine or PLC and dc variable frequency variable speed system software products complete workpiece precision positioning, scanners, and according to the PLC and the power supply network, complete the automatic production, high efficiency; 4, horizontal intelligent quenching nc machine tools with a variety of high frequency, ultrasonic frequency and high frequency power supply facilities application; 5, application, maintenance is convenient, the repair rate is low, no leakage, solved the old nc machine tools to solve problems; 6, slippery course selection of linear motion bearings, high precision, small friction, long life, choose aluminum shell structure, low cost, light in weight and high cost performance; 7, horizontal integration of intelligent quenching nc machine tool hardening liquid circulation cooling system embedded quenching heating and cooling circulating water control pin, can according to the machining process must be whole process of quenching and cooling process to carry out the control; Shanxi horizontal quenching machine tool manufacturer of acrylic emulsion into hardening material application field horizontal numerical control quenching machine tool - Accordance with GB19517 and the requirements of GB/T20867 horizontal nc quenching machine tool - Horizontal quenching machine - mitsubishi CNC system control module Data acquisition and solve horizontal quenching machine tool - system software Automatic control system for high efficiency - horizontal continuous quenching machine Switch power supply high efficiency up to 95% left the ancient horizontal quenching machine - Sensor composed of eight effective ring series horizontal nc quenching machine tool - Automated assembly line development tendency is strong axial horizontal quenching machine tool - Full automatic horizontal quenching machine tool - operation Automatic control system
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