New - induction heating equipment New technology of auto parts production and processing

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-23
The rapid development of automobile industry to auto parts opportunities of the developmental trend of the whole industry chain to form the new induction heating equipment specialized in auto industry manufacturing industry is also got more and more widely used. In terms of governance smelting, forging is a kind of beneficial to forming of fiber laser cutting production and processing method of metal material, forging method can be made into the car, a variety of different types and complex shape parts, to say the new induction heating equipment in his element working on the development trend of automobile industry, most of all casting method in the automotive industry can be doing everything they can. Forging auto parts production and processing all over the world use the cure of refining process has important melting aluminium furnace incurable refining process, medium frequency induction furnace and refining process and melting aluminium furnace - Medium frequency induction furnace duplex treatment of refining process, and the magnetic induction melting furnace due to the new type of induction heating equipment professional advantages in the mechanical processing industry have increasingly extensive application. In terms of heating, according to statistics, the former Soviet union induction of modified treatment weeken the parts in the automobile industry has accounted for 40% ~ 45% of heat treated parts. New type of induction heating equipment professional development to today, its application and development trend level is self-evident. New type of induction heating equipment in the machinery manufacturing professional important application in the manufacturing industry, metal composite refining. The heating of forging blank. The auto parts heat treatment. Auto parts sticking the electromagnetic induction heating after solidification. Electromagnetic induction heating of semi-solid forming. Induction heating assembly line. Induction heating brazing. Induction heating equipment manufacturers face 'pneumonia outbreak' choose - portable induction heating equipment Environmental protection and energy saving effect obvious processing seamless steel tube bending high frequency induction heating equipment and energy saving province electricity - induction heating equipment Inverter power supply important - a series of small and medium-sized induction heating equipment And its related - prefabricated solid-state induction heating equipment IBTG series resonance method and parallel resonant inverter
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