Never leave home easy purchasing induction heating equipment

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-01
China's new phase coronavirus epidemic diseases control very well, many companies gradually opened, if you don't go out where can be bought for induction heating equipment? Small make up I tell you, foshan constant Yang is very good. Heng Yang induction is an earlier in our country into induction heating industry professional company independent innovation, always walk in the forefront of the induction heating equipment technical industry, induction heat treatment furnace is fusion state induction heating technology and its mechanical and electrical engineering for many years rich working experience in high frequency induction heating equipment and tempering treatment. High frequency welding. JPG heng Yang induction has technology professional research and development department,, heng Yang induction heating equipment and heat treatment furnace in China manufacturing industry is a brand manufacturer. Customer's trust, in a nutshell, heng Yang induction induction heating equipment technical deep the way that can perform a variety of different specifications of the metal material of workpiece heating, quenching, heat treatment, quenching, after induction heating equipment after the solution of artifacts need not equipped with straightening, and give full play to the characteristics of the workpiece can obtain larger accord with national industry standards. High frequency induction hardening equipment manufacturer. JPG performance of high frequency induction heating equipment easy to use: induction heating equipment, forging heating equipment, quenching heat treatment furnace, heat treatment quenching machine equipment technical, to maintain the intelligent automatic specialized manufacture, if you set your main parameters of processing technology, a key to start the induction heating equipment, a full range of induction heating equipment for processing process independently. Simple, visualize, personalized, with a touch screen display information page for induction heating equipment manufacturing all main parameters of the system software display information at a glance. Induction heating equipment chosen brand of Germany's Siemens PLC intelligent monitoring system, automatic enabled on performance parameters, no need to manually type in record, check and type in various artifacts need the values of the variables. Induction heating furnace data information of all the goods can be stored for decades processing records, can mobile u disk or network backup, industrial control computer system software standard can reach to zero. 1 second record precision, the solution of the brand image of a goods online temperature contrast curve. Can according to different regions show relative language transformation function. High frequency welding. JPG heng Yang induction heating furnace of induction heating equipment, round steel, seamless steel tube heat treatment furnace, metal surface treatment machinery and equipment, the slab heating furnace, aluminum ingot heating conditioning treatment machinery and equipment, seamless steel pipe production line not only from the technical quality with certain sex, on the induction heating equipment after-sales maintenance services, heng Yang induction has its own after-sales service team, let you make more, comfort and ease in the future. New coronavirus outbreak period you don't have to go out to you to choose to enhance features induction heating equipment, induction heat treatment equipment - induction heating equipment - adjustable frequency of the alternating current induction heating equipment Common faults and maintenance problems - solid-state induction heating equipment Development trend of micro - induction heating equipment - current heating heating induction heating equipment The whole bridge IGBT inverter power source.
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