Miniaturization of aluminium melting furnace No flame green melts faster

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-02
Foshan constant Yang enterprise is a professional production and manufacturing, the sales entity enterprise, from high frequency, intermediate frequency, ultra high frequency induction heating equipment, aluminum melting furnace, widely used in conditioning heat treatment, online annealing process, welding process, Copper, iron, aluminum) Intermediate frequency forging, Gold, silver, copper, iron, aluminum) Many aspects, such as smelting, hot. The characteristics of aluminum melting furnace: ( Small and medium-sized smelting equipment, melt faster, no open flame, low consumption of green environmental protection, volume is small, operation simple, no dust, no damage, no harm to human body, security *. Don't have to adjust connection access to water can be used immediately, equipment operation, simple ten minutes soon; Smelting furnace types are: 1, high frequency melting furnace, the output power of 7 kw - - 40 kw to melt 1 kg, 2 kg, 4 kg/separate integrated navigation quick clamp type furnace melting furnace, a body/separated. 2, medium frequency melting furnace, power output category of 15 kw - 400 kw dissolve 5 kg, 10 kg, 20 kg, 30 kg, 50 kg, 100 kg, 125 kg, 155 kg, 200 kg, 400 kg portable melting furnace, manual type tilting type furnace, electric tilting furnace type, pneumatic type ejection type furnace. Foshan constant Yang enterprise of small and medium-sized manufacturing electromagnetic induction induction melting furnace, aluminum melting furnace, melting at a faster rate, low consumption of green environmental protection, volume is small, operation simple, producing dust, no damage, no harm to human body, no harm of high precision instrument equipment, security, smelting capacity from a few grams to two hundred KG, big can choose category, applicable to iron, steel, copper, aluminum, zinc smelting and various precious metal melting gold, silver, is the university laboratory, laboratory, jewelry production and processing, mold manufacturing, metal laser cutting processing company, casting parts production and processing, small and medium-sized smelting production and processing, small mass production, individual hand workshop production, colleges and universities of smelting test, scientific research institutes, smelting test, precious metals, purification, yellow gold and silver bars production places such as application, solved the coke heating, gas heating, such as the initial melting process faults, is the new generation of smelting metal materials ideal equipment. Molten aluminium melting furnace Meet the environmental requirements, medium frequency melting furnace are - Aluminum melting furnace working principle and structural features
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