Melting furnace to repair the main content

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-18
Repair of furnace can be divided into two kinds of, hot and cold trim. Hot fix generally belong to help repair, is to reduce or stop fuel ( Or electricity) Heat supply, but still quite high, repair the damaged parts of the furnace, the furnace in order to maintain normal production. Will stop the stove furnace cooling after repair is called cold, cold is generally planned repair, should eliminate all the defects exist the stove. 1. Cold repair ( Plan to repair) Cold state of melting furnace is also known as the content of the repair, it is according to each part of the furnace in the process of use and the amount of the loss of the ball situation. It is divided into minor repairs, repair and overhaul. 1) Minor repair outside to check the stove, repair a damaged masonry and structure analysis. 2) Take a part of repair or replace damaged masonry and structure analysis, and are more than 30% of bricklaying, According to the actual situation and determine) 。 3) Overhaul all remove the stove, and repair or replace damaged brick artifacts, eliminate all defects, basically will be original equipment technical performance, general to bricklaying in more than 60%. The whole process of melting furnace overhaul including cold furnace demolition, on-site repair and adjust oven. In order to ensure the repair quality, oven also must to do a good job of quality inspection acceptance before the adjustment. Melting furnace repair main content: 1) Body parts: including masonry, furnace shell and metal frame, oven door and its accessories and muffle tank, etc. 2) Hot parts: including the electric heating element, burner, the combustion chamber, grate and radiant tube and its accessories. 3) Artifacts carrying parts: including car guide rail, conveyor chain, furnace, and materials plate, vibration plate, rotary hearth and mechanical transmission, etc. 4) Pipe parts: including gas, fuel oil, compressed air, cooling water and controlled atmosphere of piping and its accessories. 5) Exhaust part: including heat exchanger, flue and gate and fume extractor and its accessories. 6) Electrical parts: including all kinds of electric heating element, far infrared radiator, sensors, control cabinets distribution box, and a variety of electrical components and devices, etc.
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