Melting furnace steel shell is good or aluminum shell

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-18
Zi Lin electromechanical equipment co. , LTD. , melting furnace, it can realize the easy smelting iron and iron products, melting 1 ton 2 tons of 3 tons of weight is not a problem at all. Today let's know the specific Lin at the melting furnace of mechanical and electrical equipment co. , LTD. Melting furnace is the metal shell good or aluminum shell which Lin electromechanical equipment co. , LTD. , melting furnace, furnace by the furnace shell, induction coil, furnace lining, tilting furnace reducer of four parts, such as furnace shell made of non-magnetic materials, induction coil is made of rectangular hollow tube spiral cylinder, cooling water pipe in smelting. Coil which leads to the copper platoon and water-cooling cable connected, induction coil, furnace lining close to, composed of quartz sand play solid sintering, tilting furnace by tilting furnace reducer rotate directly. Zi Lin electromechanical equipment co. , LTD. , the furnace door reasonable seal structure, the furnace door does not need to add the furnace; The oven door seal tightly, less open time, furnace heat loss is small, without grilled slag refining dead Angle, easy to operate, good operating environment; Top loading, loading convenient, low labor intensity, small temperature fluctuations, furnace life long, charging do not take up the melting time; At the same time the shaft furnace, furnace charge full absorption in the shaft furnace flue gas waste heat, reduce exhaust temperature furnace top, greatly improve the thermal efficiency, and charge into the hearth furnace has been preheated to near melting state, to ensure the high fusion rate and low energy consumption. Zi Lin electromechanical equipment co. , LTD. Today to share with you about what is good and aluminum steel shell furnace melting furnace is shell body good? Aluminum shell furnace are cheap, easy maintenance, easy observation. Defect is low efficiency, electromagnetic radiation shielding. Furnace adopts steel welding steel shell, it is leak proof furnace alarm device, sensor adopts the yoke closed around, cover area more than 65. Because the magnetic flux leakage is small, high efficiency, than aluminum furnace save energy consumption by about 5%. At the scene of the foundry enterprises, often see the use of a year or so of aluminum shell broken shell furnace, furnace and steel shell due to low magnetic flux leakage, the service life of the equipment considerably more than aluminum shell furnace. Safety performance significantly superior to aluminum shell furnace steel shell furnace, furnace in melting aluminium shell due to high temperature, pressure, aluminum shell is easy to deformation, poor safety. Using hydraulic tilting furnace steel shell furnace, safe and reliable.
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