Melting furnace reactor failure

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-16
Melting furnace of form a complete set of intermediate frequency power supply, must be equipped with the intermediate frequency electric furnace reactor, the reactor is composed of multilayer rectangular copper winding more, because of the melting furnace load current changes is very big, medium frequency power supply current changes of self-induction electric potential is also high, so the higher requirements of reactor insulation. Melting furnace reactor failure to do 1, intermediate frequency electric furnace reactor on the silicon steel sheet with the air gap between silicon steel sheet under general filling with rubber wood. The size of the gap with the furnace reactor inductance. So the reactor coil winding should be according to the design parameters, cannot be changed. 2, when melting furnace reactor cooling water flow rate reduced obviously, opening up fine wire can be used. At ordinary times should be flush with dilute hydrochloric acid copper pipe wall on a regular basis or with high pressure compressed air dredge. 3, in the melting furnace reactor cooling water flow rate under normal circumstances when he found the coil local heating of the reactor, the available inductance table check IA inductance of the coil. If inductance are much smaller than normal, can one by one from the circuit disconnect a coil. Intermediate frequency electric furnace, starting this disconnect the coil voltage is measured with a multimeter. If no voltage, it shows that the coil turns or between layers has a short circuit or the coil has been with the silicon steel sheet insulation fault; After downtime with shaking table ( Megger) Check. When dc voltage is low work is normal, when the dc voltage rises to a certain value, then there will be a 'giggle' sound. Also belong to defective insulation. 4, melting furnace reactor on the normal work of the voltage waveform. If furnace reactor appeared gurgling sound is poor insulation reactor itself, then reactor IA waveform shape remains unchanged, just shake up and down. 5, column reactor about connection error will cause offset magnetic circuit, the inductance is zero. This case intermediate frequency power inverter circuit for current discontinuous or lines through the big to start.
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