Melting furnace molten steel flow is how to return a responsibility

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-15
When melting furnace using molten steel flow and accompanied by a slight explosion? How does it work? Lin electromechanical equipment in here to tell you that this is only appeared in the process of smelting of steel liquid boiling phenomenon, concrete may be caused by the following three reasons. Melting furnace molten steel pouring is how to return a responsibility reason one: burden with rust and without baking solutions: in the actual production must be carried out in strict accordance with the process requirements and add burden to toasted, no rust; Immediately in the event of such boiling furnace power cuts, in case of overflow liquid steel to make induction furnace short circuit, causes the damage of equipment or larger accident; Power to the furnace after adding suitable amount of deoxidizer, and slag agent to cover surface, can relieve the reaction; If more violent boiling furnace, pour molten steel directly when necessary in the furnace pit. Reason two: burden with low melting point and low boiling point metals and their compounds in solution: if you need to melt small material in the process of melting or broken material, when feeding should be the small miscellaneous material on the bottom of the furnace body; Relatively slow due to melt when heated, the low boiling point melting point metals and their compounds can decompose or gasification slowly, not like immediately added to liquid metal to cause dramatic response. Reason 3: wear furnace - — When some parts inside the furnace wall of serious erosion by liquid steel, smelting is easy to wear furnace solutions: the production of lining should be constantly check and repair; Discontinuous operation, blowing in before, should check whether the bottom of the roof, wall, detailed need to repair; Continuous melting, every tapping, also observed from top bottom whether need to repair; Don't need to repair cracks under 2 mm, more than 2 mm cracks need to be mended; Around to remove slag when repair, will have to fix the furnace material of paper against the cracks in the bottom, use the u-shaped steel needle, the material into cracks, reoccupy is mixed with water glass surface of the furnace building materials will be squeezed, to prevent wear furnace accidents.
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