Melting furnace manufacturers how to design the melting furnace heating capacity

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-17
Melting furnace heating function in the casting of aluminium alloy smelting is a key ring, related to the heating capacity, metal loss and energy consumption, main consideration when the design content includes: one is according to the size of the assembly quantity of furnace and the loading capacity of furnace molten pool width height ratio ( L1/W/H) , to determine the amount of gas burner and the gas flow; 2 it is to use gas remaining heat preheating combustion-supporting wind technology or more oxygen combustion technology, effectively reduce the energy consumption; Three is to use the temperature automatic control technology and non-contact electromagnetic stirring technique. For 1 to 1 to 1 continuous casting of aluminium alloy casting machine production, the design capacity of the furnace capacity mainly consider the following points: one is casting casting machine production capacity; Second, the electrolytic aluminium liquid supply ability, including the original liquid aluminum weight and supply time. 3 it is melting furnace production add accessories products is normal and the amount of cold material; Four is melting process control requirements; Five is smelting production beats, every furnace production beat to be less than or equal to casting production. Smelting capacity calculation according to the formula of M = pxV = px ( L1和L2) XWxH / 2 = x + length density under high length x width x / 2, to calculate the p 2 of approximation. 7吨/米? How to design furnace heating capacity melting furnace melting furnace manufacturers in the production practice shows that the greater the surface of the molten pool, melting the longer, the higher the temperature control, furnace water oxygen content is higher, the more, the greater the loss of metal, inspiratory capacity. Therefore puts forward three Suggestions: first, is to ensure heating capacity, try to choose reduced molten pool surface area; Second, is to use reasonable furnace charging sequence, high temperature melting fast shortening time of smelting temperature and correct control furnace temperature; Three, is as much as possible into the electrolytic aluminium liquid material after firing up to melting; Melting furnace sets design to determine the main basis for the follow-up production horse supporting pouring machine capacity, melting furnace production rhythm decision together. Concerned about product quality and production cost, generally every furnace aluminum alloy liquid preparation to control within 2 ~ 4 h after qualified casting forming, which needs to form a complete set of production line to make a choice, is to choose 1 to 1 to 1 single or 2 to 1 on 1 single wire, the key to determine the need to make the Numbers of melting furnace.
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