Melting furnace energy saving principle of design and manufacture of a few

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-15
Melting furnace is a professional set heating equipment electrical energy into heat energy, is also an energy-consuming equipment. Used in melting furnace design and manufacture of energy saving in the important position. Melting furnace energy saving design can not only save a lot of energy, can also create huge economic benefits to use unit. Melting furnace energy-saving design and manufacture of furnace energy saving is a system project, several principles on the design and manufacturing to achieve energy saving, the following points should be worthy of attention: 1, the melting furnace sensor series inverter booster is used to design the coil design, in order to reduce system power consumption. Series transmission efficiency is higher than parallel transmission efficiency; Booster to the actual work medium frequency furnace to high voltage and current to a minimum, the state of melting furnace equipment work for a long time in high power factor, to reduce the loss brought by the low power factor. 2, the melting furnace sensor impedance matching design, and USES the reasonable thickness of brass; Conductive connection place tin plating and coating conductive paste to minimize system no-load loss; 3, melting furnace sensor output by copper platoon plus double water-cooled copper tube method, and the area of the sensor coil surrounded as small as possible, which leads to the copper platoon close to decorate, to reduce the slot way loss; 4 between capacitance ark, intermediate frequency furnace and medium frequency power supply cabinet by intermediate water-cooled cable connection, in order to improve the transmission efficiency of melting furnace; In 5, intermediate frequency power supply cabinet adopted simple measures of higher harmonic governance 6, for a large party of blank, in order to ensure the reliable transmission and coil coupling gap is larger; And combined with the intermediate frequency furnace heat, make the heating efficiency of the whole equipment to reduce a lot.
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