Melting furnace energy consumption is too high

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-16
Domestic aluminum melting furnace with traditional heating technology energy consumption for per ton aluminum commonly - 70 Around 750000 calories, foreign aluminum generally below 600000 kcal of energy consumption per ton. As a result, the domestic aluminum melting furnace still has great energy saving space. Melting furnace to determine whether the energy consumption and energy saving two aspects: one is melting speed, the second is the furnace thermal efficiency. Melting furnace energy consumption is too high to do melting rate refers to the unit amount of melt pool volume per unit time ( Productivity) 。 The faster the temperature rise, the greater the molten pool, the higher the melting rate of the furnace. In general, the higher the furnace productivity, melting rate is, the less the heat consumption of unit. Aluminum furnace thermal efficiency is absorbed by heating and melting heat and supply heat furnace. In order to reduce energy consumption, we should improve the furnace productivity as much as possible. On the other hand, should fully recycling furnace flue gas waste heat. At the same time, the realization of fuel and combustion air in the combustion device automatically proportional control, prevent excessive or insufficient air. Reduce furnace heat, heat loss, radiant heat loss door is open. In the early days, Now some) Aluminum melting furnace, flue gas directly from the eduction in furnace, flue gas temperature over 750 ℃. In order to reduce the flue gas heat loss, people on the exhaust pipe installation of a heat recovery device, namely air heat exchanger, the combustion air is preheated to a certain temperature ( About 200 c) , and participate in combustion of fuel, but after the exhaust gas temperature in the heat exchanger is still higher than 500 degrees Celsius. Limit use of combustible fuels in the facilities, especially for conventional melting applications, can be converted into daily operation of personnel and parts more secure. Made of metal and ceramic refractory heating spiral wound induction coil can prolong the service life, and good compatibility with other control device. Thermal cycle can be automated, and can implement additional control to reduce the toxic metals in metal furnace of steam generation and emissions.
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