Melting aluminium furnace lining laying way what's the difference

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-15
As is known to all, the life of the lining in melting aluminium furnace, the furnace and the heat preservation performance plays a vital role, furnace lining building three forms: mainly include pure high alumina brick masonry, not stereotypes refractories whole casting, brick structure. So, what's different about melting aluminium furnace lining laying way? Melting aluminium furnace lining laying way what's different about the present, the domestic most melting aluminium furnace furnace lining still is main pool liner material with high alumina bricks, high aluminum bricks to build the melting aluminium furnace, material selection and procurement convenient, construction scheme is more mature, easy to bake, and low cost, thus become the main factor that most users using high alumina brick. But look from actual usage, high alumina brick of erosion resistance ability is insufficient, especially in the aspect of slag line erosion phenomenon is more serious, from the point of view of practice, the conventional high alumina brick masonry lining the average life expectancy is only 3 years. With the rapid development of refractory industry, especially the wide application of amorphous materials, melting aluminium furnace lining structure design and construction technology has also made great progress in recent years, the construction method and the development trend of diversification. Takes the form of amorphous refractory integral casting masonry furnace, the casting method advantage is that the overall structural good, good thermal shock resistance, no brick joints, aluminum seepage prevention effect is good, high overall strength, not easy craze, the furnace life is long. Whole casting molding of melting aluminium furnace performance aspects are all very outstanding, the initial cost is relatively a little higher, from the perspective of a long-term management of maintenance, this way of the melting aluminium furnace lining is very cost-effective, also gradually become the first selection of aluminum processing enterprises.
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