Medium frequency melting furnace what do I need to pay attention to when using in order to solve the safety problems

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-05-04
Let's it must be noticed when using medium frequency furnace safety. The risk of any equipment has some security, especially about increasingly is so large equipment, facing so many safety hazards, let's make sure to use correct methods to prevent such safety hazards. If you for these dangerous a little not to mind, it will directly affect the overall operation. Medium frequency melting furnace what do I need to pay attention to when using in order to solve the safety problems? More than one parts section of variable power transmission can reach; Use computer to monitor and control skills show hardening process and process parameters, Shadowed all machining process, nc skills using a very lively and increasingly sophisticated; Computer control become a manipulation of the trunk, main drive choose communication servo motor, speed stability uniform, positioning, high repeat precision. Part rotation frequency control of motor speed, can be used to various technological requirements; Medium frequency melting furnace on behalf of the mechanical driving skill of ball screw and linear guide by many advanced skills like choose; Manufacture complete sets of equipment of the power supply, medium frequency melting furnace, the cooling system of induction heating quenching device has been emerge in endlessly. 1, the first note that the intermediate frequency quenching machine is bound to the ground, and the environment clean, can't is wet. 2, during work hours to replace, if equipment suspended after continuous use, must pay attention to is the boot after 10 - have to wait 15min。 3, intermediate frequency quenching machine in the process of operation, will attack a lot of heat, so don't block in some hot, perhaps is the local by the sun. 4, equipment after the launch, fan present problem must be timely check the protection, or it will affect the vacuum tube heat dissipation problem. 5, the machine up and down of the equipment support insulators. General medium frequency melting furnace according to the primary drive type can be divided into hydraulic and mechanical. Hydraulic transmission is brief structure, high driving force, quick speed, Up to 1 more than 50 mm/s) Such as strengths. But there's movement speed is not stable, low positioning accuracy level of defects, hydraulic drive induction medium frequency melting furnace is screening. Full mechanical transmission can be divided into T screw, ball screw, linear guide rail and other transmission model. All mechanical transmission speed stability, high precision, easy to finish the strengths such as variable speed mobile.
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