Medium frequency melting furnace - Volume is small, convenient installation and easy maintenance

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-03
Medium frequency melting furnace, furnace shell structure is divided into two kinds of aluminum and steel shell structure: aluminum profile is generally selected small volume of furnace wall casing material, the rational allocation of volume is small, convenient installation, easy maintenance, low maintenance cost. Large space wall casing steel frame, wall structure made up of furnace wall mounting bracket and the furnace itself, furnace wall fixed bracket and the furnace wall chooses * frame structure. Furnace wall is rotated by the hydraulic control system, by the two hydraulic cylinders on both sides of the furnace wall of jacking keep, calibration furnace wall is caused by the weight of the furnace wall pressure maintenance job. Furnace high aspect ratio and diameter of iron liquid *. This reference to overseas * type furnace, medium frequency melting furnace furnace, is in the electronic computer analysis basically clear, slenderness ratio, power factor, of course, get improved, and the electric efficiency is promoted. Case of medium frequency melting furnace and start not only improve the melting time and energy, in addition in addition every * must be applied starting blocks. Interruption of medium frequency melting furnace in the short term applications, applications are not starting blocks can perform start, iron liquid can also be empty from the chamber of a stove or furnace, conversion and recycled waste material is very convenient to keep in the short term conversion facilitate distribution of production organization, the key for a hint of non-standard machinery and equipment for making, and casting needs, large quantities of small, sort is more repair workshop in the steel industry product research and development of manufacturing resource advantage. High frequency induction melting furnace product research and development production efficiency is high, the melting period can be reduced to 35 min. Medium frequency melting furnace equipment medium frequency melting furnace wall embedded type yoke, magnetic yoke block can reduce the magnetic flux leakage, avoid hot furnace wall, improve the work efficiency. From other works, magnetic point fixed motionless electromagnetic induction coil, furnace wall to achieve the high toughness, low noise. Yoke is made of cold plunge into ferrite core, stainless steel plate straight splint made half moon yoke, transformer core can be integrated with the electromagnetic coil surface for curved surface, card JinChu is a surface and a line is not in the past, the construction of this kind of card to use, low magnetic leakage. Ferrite core piled up, instead of a cast, a splint special hair grip, without special extruder screw to wear heart, this kind of structure can flexible use of ferrite core of magnetic absorption area to reduce the probability of some hot. Medium frequency melting furnace smelting medium frequency melting furnace and gradually replace the dc intermediate frequency induction furnace. Set production, medium frequency melting furnace most is 1000 ~ 2500 hz frequency. High frequency coreless furnace volume and efficiency are bigger than high frequency furnace. Often used to special steel, with magnetic alloy and copper alloy smelting. This kind of furnace in dc frequency conversion machine equipment must be expensive, so in some large volume sites has been changed to dc coreless furnace. However, contrast and dc furnace, medium frequency induction furnace as well as the original opinion. Like is volume, type of medium frequency induction furnace output power level than dc furnace, so the melting speed is very fast; Medium frequency melting furnace in a cold furnace melting furnace, which have not been required when liquid metal materials can all pour into.
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