Medium frequency melting furnace - The basic principle of power transformer

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-03
In mid and late 20 century 90 time, the world used in induction coil of thyristor intermediate frequency induction furnace smelting has appeared in the corporation, the more developed regions have reported the product series goods, medium frequency melting furnace for * marketing and development trend, quickly replaced the traditional smelting plant machinery and equipment, a mechanical processing industry of mechanical equipment. Universality of medium frequency melting furnace AC - commonly used power transformer DC - AC change way. Basic principle of the basic basis to three-phase rectifier circuit dc voltage for alternating current, the filter is provided by inverter circuit to load after partial engineering of high frequency ( 50kHz- 10 khz) Current value, the current value in the magnet coil of medium frequency melting furnace bath furnace in the replacement of high frequency induction magnetic field, in the heavy metal composite material refining waste lead to induction coil electric potential difference, calorific value, melting metal composite materials. When this process leads to high working frequency, current value, and with the calorific value of many, these factors are, if not for effective monitoring, it is easy to cause safety accidents, so the above factors set alarm maintenance system is particularly important. In generalized intermediate frequency furnace machinery equipment, alarm maintenance system generally includes cooling circulating water alarm system, earthing protection system and maximum flow over voltage protection system, etc. Working principle of intermediate frequency furnace characteristics of medium frequency induction melting furnace with the purpose to prepare medium frequency melting furnace equipment check intermediate frequency furnace in the smelting process of important parameters of the medium frequency melting furnace - How to improve the service life of crucible medium frequency melting furnace - The key operation procedures
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