Medium frequency melting furnace - Smelting capacity from 3 kg to 500 kg

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-03
Aluminum alloy melting furnace, small and medium-sized aluminum alloy melting furnace, test of aluminium alloy melting furnace, small and medium frequency furnace melting experiment furnace: ( 1) Medium frequency melting furnace used for steel, aluminum alloy, copper, aluminum, gold, silver and other raw materials melting. Smelting capacity from 3 kg to 300 kg. ( 2) Intermediate frequency smelting has very good electromagnetic induction mixing effect, used for smelting metal temperature and symmetry, is beneficial for sludge, reduce sludge; ( 3) Wide frequency range, from 1 KHZ to 20 KHZ, comprehensive considering the amount of smelting, mixing effect, electromagnetic induction heating efficiency, work when the noise of the elements such as design of electromagnetic induction coil and matching compensation capacitor, the size of the decision output frequency; ( 4) Than the thyristor medium frequency, environmental protection and energy saving at least 20% above; ( 5) Machinery and equipment volume is small, weight is lighter, smelting capacity from a few kilograms to hundreds of kilograms, can be selected category is quite large, appropriate processing factory production application, also suitable institutions and a small amount of smelting application lab. Key heat furnace types and the ability to work the following: the following commonly listed in each furnace heating work ability, cold furnace, for 50 - each furnace melting time - 90 minutes, when the electric furnace, each time for 20 - furnace smelting - Thirty minutes. Small, medium frequency melting furnace by the medium frequency power supply, furnace and water cooling system of three parts; Large cabinets, medium frequency melting furnace intermediate frequency power supply compensation capacitance, furnace body and water-cooling cable and reducer. The shell, induction coil, furnace lining, furnace body by tilting furnace hydraulic system or reducer, etc. Type/model of molten steel/copper/aluminum/aluminum alloy of molten iron/precious metals HTM - gold and silver S - 15 kw furnace 3 kg 3 kg, 3 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg of HTM - S - 25 kw furnace 20 kg HTM - 5 kg 5 kg S - 35 kw furnace 10 kg 30 kg HTM - 10 kg S - 45 kw furnace 18 kg 18 kg HTM - 50 kg/sack S - 70 kw furnace 25 kg to 25 kg to 100 kg HTM - S - 90 kw furnace 40 kg (40 kg to 120 kg HTM - S - 110 kw furnace 50 kg to 150 kg HTM - 50 kg/sack S - 160 kw furnace 100 kg to 100 kg, 250 kg of HTM - S - 200 kw furnace 150 kg to 200 kg, 350 kg of HTM - S - 300 kw furnace 200 kg to 300 kg, 500 kg of HTM - S - 400 kw furnace 250 kg to 400 kg, 600 kg of medium frequency melting furnace - (optional 1000/300Hz) Dual-frequency power medium frequency melting furnace - How to improve the service life of crucible important parameters of medium frequency melting furnace in melting process
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