Medium frequency melting furnace precautions to avoid emergency

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-02
Heng Yang manufacturing intermediate frequency for ten years already, also detailed understanding of smelting industry can sometimes be very dangerous, said although the induction melting furnace is already very well, but close work still must have the safety consciousness, cause potential safety hazard in case of emergency, to talk about the following net built. 1, scrap is wet water more, pay attention to if iron damp conditions, be sure to dry, dry, after heating evaporation in the smelting, otherwise can produce crack because of the existence of water such as dangerous, it need to pay attention to when using. (1) induction furnace smelting, hot metal temperature can rise to mention above 1570 ℃, and in the condition of high temperature heat preservation for a long period of time, under the temperature, can make raw materials into the inclusion, as well as the form of slag in smelting process and inclusion floating to the surface of liquid iron. For scrap steel + + carburant, especially the particle steel scrap, carburant and back to the burden, the burden from scrap steel or iron particles, particles, mostly white, white organization with strong hereditary, to eliminate the hereditary requires appropriate to improve the melting temperature, increase the heat preservation time, can better purifying molten iron, reducing the casting defects. 1, the recycled waste in the wet raw material sometimes can also lead to metal material liquid spills everywhere; 2, temperature measurement sampling or in metal material to a lack of practical operation method, raw materials will cause the liquid metal materials around spatter; 3, money into large metal material into the furnace iron liquid spill; 4, it is not easy to effective feeding to cause railway bridge; 5, query smelting metal materials, for spacing, prevent sudden situation; In a nutshell, caution is ship in ten thousand. Medium frequency melting furnace with traditional flame heating before and small medium frequency melting furnace, melting method Vacuum efficient to sundry medium frequency melting furnace Thermal stress calculation in coke oven desolventizing hubei medium frequency melting furnace manufacturers, but run to foshan! Guangdong - formal medium frequency melting furnace manufacturer Record customer details medium frequency melting furnace factory management scheme to determine the bottom of the economic benefits of high intermediate frequency furnace manufacturing - Customers choose heng Yang after shopping around
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