Medium frequency melting furnace power consumption

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-03
Medium frequency melting furnace power consumption technology encyclopedia tons of intermediate frequency furnace a ton of steel consumption calculation, please answer: when does it include casting medium frequency melting furnace t power consumption generally means only 1 furnace melt scrap steel or iron from a solid to liquid ( Iron is 1400 ℃, steel at 600 ℃) When the required power consumption, electricity of casting and heat preservation is not. 5 tons of intermediate frequency electric furnace smelting 'a ton of copper, iron, zinc, power consumption, respectively a: power consumption is associated with electron transfer, power consumption, namely so-called degree of KWH, and tile is UIt namely voltage times the current multiplied by time. I = Q/t, the unit of charge Q is C, 1 C or the equivalent of about 625 x 10 ^ 18 electronic power. And 5 tons of intermediate frequency electric furnace voltage you that there is a manual, namely W = UQ, 1 = 1000 uqh copper smelting of copper ore in general is copper. 80 kw transformer, take what type of medium frequency melting furnace are? Per the medium frequency furnace melting furnace power consumption a: melting time can be customized according to your requirements, but time is short, molten aluminum, the less you 80 kw transformer, harm considered loads, generally 20%, concrete can contact, let the factory give you specific parameters.
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