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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-03
Able to smelting under or less slag requirements. Under the slag requirements can complete a series of physics, such as ammonia, flue gas desulfurization, carburizing furnace slag in the process of low temperature plasma medium frequency melting furnace factory efficiency is much higher than general factory of medium frequency melting furnace. If only can choose less slag molten desolventizing pouring casting molten. Work at this time in the argon gas maintenance be oxidized molten metal materials is very little, high temperature liquid metal materials to make a small amount of low melting point metal residue can be part of the resin adsorption. The utilization of aluminum alloy elements high and low temperature plasma induction furnace in melting. Refining and casting process are neuter atmosphere to carry out maintenance, points of oxygen gas pressure is low, if the mutual cooperation, strong oxidizing slag, aluminum alloy elements of ablation rate is low. Low temperature plasma induction furnace melting of Uighur utilization ratio. I see from the table, with a yield close to the level of vacuum induction furnace. Is the key of the utilization of carbon residue in the unstable element of metal oxide, when slag composition in ascension, the utilization rate of carbon reduction. In the low temperature plasma remelting with induction furnace, with a bright and cheerful disposition, to return, such as the utilization of plate of 75%. It contains the elements for concave back to the material presented the excellent requirements. Low temperature plasma medium frequency melting furnace factory is able to control smelting steel and aluminum alloy components, especially can better control elements. Heng Yang medium frequency melting furnace factory twelve years of induction heating technology, with experience in deep technical research and development department, equipment use for 5 years and in the same lifetime for two years, the security of green environmental protection is easy operation, high precision inspection reports, to produce raw materials confirmed that after-sales service staff 24 hours to show the door and quickly solve difficult production medium frequency melting furnace Can be customized medium frequency melting furnace - according to customer's requirements Exsolution of nitrogen mass transfer resistance is small, medium frequency melting furnace - Manufacturing has more realistic significance to choose medium frequency melting furnace - Aluminum enterprise to carry out the final spread outside the deamination deamination induction medium frequency melting furnace - Antirust period can reach more than 5 years
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