Medium frequency melting furnace - Melting faster to further improve the production

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-03
Medium frequency melting furnace without using the phase brake principle of the dc electric furnace, can immediately by three-phase power source based on the tripler single-phase electric load to the power supply system, and no matter how changes in the load, input electric power transformer of overall long-term to maintain from beginning to end. Medium frequency melting furnace process simple and easy operation, large power adjustable level, adjust the tripler load in the automatic tuning capacitor, adjustable power factor, and adjustable power loss to the load. If set up the third winding in the triple frequency transformer and by alternating current, for manipulating the saturation level of transformer coil, electrical flow measurement area is three times the frequency change, regulating transformer power output. Therefore, three times the frequency transformer output power can be adjusted in May to the middle. Medium frequency melting furnace starting easily, melting faster. Three times frequency furnace startup guard point, since without frit and residual liquid metal composite materials, and clear with only some 150 mm heavy refining waste can, so can more suitable for intermittent work and metal composite material specifications change often. Due to three times the frequency furnace can learn simple computing dc furnace 2 times the work, and with the capacity of the furnace, the front behind a melting speed is about a 2 times, to further improve the output of the furnace. Medium frequency melting furnace smelting high quality. Because the current three memory overclocking furnace is weaker than dc electric magnetic stirring effect, so the liquid metal composite material by oxidation process is few and can reduce the amount of recycled waste etching. - small, medium frequency melting furnace manufacturer Factory the strength investigation of medium frequency melting furnace worker to enterprise's trust is a not allow to ignore how to find the elements of a medium frequency melting furnace manufacturer, technical professional medium frequency melting furnace, How to prevent accidents medium frequency melting furnace manufacturer - There is always the right machine you need
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