Medium frequency melting furnace manufacturer - To maintain high vacuum value

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-04
Smelting period the key task is to improve daily purity of shape memory alloy and launching fine-grain strengthening smelting period to complete the overall goal is to reduce the gas composition, remove harmful residue, make desolventizing ingredients machine, medium frequency melting furnace manufacturer after cleaning, immediately to the desolventizing add right amount of small pieces of high purity graphite or other high carbon steel raw materials, to carry out the deamination. Medium frequency melting furnace manufacturer under vacuum standards, carbon oxygen the house quickly, many bubbles dissolved from the desolventizing. Exsolution of nitrogen and hydrogen component rapidly reduced. Along with the increase of the melting time, oxygen containing power reduce slowly, boil gradually weaken, the liquid level in peace. At that time a small amount of residue once again evaporation, and sundry part of dissolved out. When steel thin RGL body and sundry ingredients to refs is moderation, add a bright and cheerful disposition elements and micro Tuo si element, make desolventizing ingredients do out the rules of the steel. Bright elements add order generally add temperature to regulate the temperature of a to conjunctivitis. Especially in for a lot of to add more to control the temperature to avoid this kind of element and desolventizing wipes oxygen, a lot of exothermic reaction to spend the hot steel. Add bright elements, medium frequency melting furnace manufacturer to maintain high vacuum values, add after mixing desolventizing with large power. Magnesium and calcium in the middle way of aluminum alloy to add, it can further improve efficiency. Smelting period main key process parameters are melting temperature, vacuum value and the melting time. Guangdong - formal medium frequency melting furnace manufacturer Record customer details medium frequency melting furnace factory management schemes to determine the production economic benefit high end, small manufacturer - medium frequency melting furnace Factory the strength investigation - medium frequency melting furnace manufacturer There is always the right machine you need
aluminium shell iron scrap melting furnace electric metal melting furnace processes have been widely used to produce steel melting induction furnace such as industrial induction furnace, aluminium shell furnace, and induction electric melting furnace etc.
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