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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-03
Do business for a long time to understand, medium frequency melting furnace manufacturer to bargain the price is not too much, some customers if they feel the price in the manufacturing industry category difference too much, is generally not easy to spend more time on the worry about the price. And they pay attention to is the date of delivery, or even a day or two early delivery on schedule them happier. Foshan constant Yang enterprise is manufacturing medium frequency melting furnace, melting furnace are commonality inventories, you submit orders on that day, the day can delivery, from 3 kg to 100 kg are doing inventory, more large space can be customized. 5 - custom Seven working days from delivery. In heyuan, wang used to authorize a small-scale production processing to dry for a 30 kg of medium frequency melting furnace, medium frequency melting furnace manufacturer promised him ten days can supply services, the beginning is quite satisfactory, said machine broken halfway last, three days to repair, the delivery date is greatly delayed four days, Mr. Wang is doing international trade, finally, according to the requirements for delayed delivery day gold to 2% of the contract, the whole single business not to earn money. Shown here is small and the difference of formal enterprises, many times we also received the following equipment agents need to place an order. But the agent while giving some customers convenience, but also can bring certain degree of communication inconvenience. With the original small-scale production and processing to visit cooperation have unpleasant, wang found of intermediate frequency furnace factory in foshan constant young enterprise. He saw heng Yang enterprise operation to the overall strength of the storehouse of supply, Mr Wang said that he can no longer depression, the most price is higher also, that he would be able to pick up a lot of order information, get a lot of profit. Medium frequency melting furnace factory in foshan constant young enterprise, suggest to visit our factory, there are technical professional marketing manager for your details of the melting furnace is appropriate for your machine. How to do a good job in intermediate frequency furnace equipment check intermediate frequency induction melting furnace the characteristics and application of the working principle of intermediate frequency furnace introducted the extension characteristics of medium frequency melting furnace
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