Medium frequency melting furnace - Maintenance cooling water supply and demand balance

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-02
Medium frequency melting furnace running maintenance of water supply and demand balance. ( Look at) As check parts water pressure test and check the temperature not too high, the cooling effect is not good expected to prefabricated damaged due to overheating. When there is a certain parts when the temperature is too high for the power switch of water supply and demand balance valve, if the temperature did not improve remove water pipe or with gas purging, medium frequency melting furnace mechanical equipment shut down like water to freeze, constant water pressure test or * drainage of the water. Maintenance of intermediate frequency furnace first open all the gate valve and the door. Should pay special attention to the temperature in the hearth. If the repair pressure at high temperature will lead to explosion. Pay attention to prevent superfine powder is on fire. Shut off the power to break the intermediate frequency furnace smelting power transformer tank and the main control cabinet isolating switch, stop valve and open the emergency power supply system. For submersible sewage pump pause after the ultrafiltration device of the valve will be closed to keep mechanical pump. Turn off the power supply so not easy to cause big difficulty. ( In the process of pouring out) 。 Water, should be as soon as possible to open the intermediate frequency furnace should be tight water valve, shut down without water. ( Water supply, water delivery only emergency water, turn off other waterways. Water supply equipment need to cooling and circulating water of prefabricated components will be damaged. Generally the following four prefabricated work if water supply is very big is destroyed. Medium frequency melting furnace - The basic principle of intermediate frequency power supply transformer melting furnace - (optional 1000/300Hz) Dual-frequency power medium frequency melting furnace - The current test method of intermediate frequency furnace - Volume is small, convenient installation, easy maintenance, medium frequency melting furnace - How to improve the service life of crucible
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