Medium frequency melting furnace lining crack tips

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-05-01
Currently in the process of using medium frequency furnace, intermediate frequency furnace lining material, is made up of quartz sand, calcium aluminosilicate hydrate or gel material composition and so on, this kind of lining material temperature from 300 degrees before little by hydrates synthesis constitute exhaust channel, but in the 300 degrees temperature rising too fast, can rapid dehydration release a large amount of water vapor, which is very important in process of intermediate frequency furnace oven, intermediate frequency furnace oven temperature control is bad will incur lining burst. Medium frequency melting furnace lining crack Suggestions in addition, in the process of lining knot lining ratio of grain to grasp well, large proportion superfine powder can also cause lower intermediate frequency smelting furnace lining gap, reduce intermediate frequency furnace charge porosity, causing burst. 1, the knot in the intermediate frequency furnace lining, the strict control of intermediate frequency furnace heating speed, with reasonable drying temperature and drying temperature curve heating drying furnace lining, in strict accordance with 2, add in the intermediate frequency smelting furnace charge materials such as fiber, to increase the permeation rate of furnace lining, improve the ventilation rate of lining materials, ensure the normal ventilation and drainage of lining materials, avoid exhaust due to lining crack. In the normal use of intermediate frequency furnace lining, technology researchers found that the thickness of the lining and the thickness of the bottom will be in the long-term use due to the cycle of hot metal erosion gradually thinning, intuitive situation is furnace capacity increases, the ordinary lining 30 - corrosion - - - - - - When 50% of the branch to destroy, to stop the new furnace building work. , from the whole lining erosion, in the middle of the obvious is in furnace bottom and furnace lining separated slope position, ordinary furnace after long-term use the original slope parts thicker lining material has been erosion and lining and lining in a circular arc surface, almost to base in the furnace and furnace lining materials show slight sag phase separation, with the increase of intermediate frequency furnace campaign life, and the location of the sag are deeper and deeper, more and more close to the furnace coils, and affect the use of safe, the demand to stop construction work again. Form lining the cause of the depression in addition to the furnace building density of quartz sand in reason, and when we use the charging condensation of chemical corrosion and mechanical erosion have relations during the operation.
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