Medium frequency melting furnace - - key operating procedures Foshan constant Yang mechanical and electrical company

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-03
Medium frequency melting furnace operation procedures is critical, people in some furnace to notice before frequency unit operation staff starting unit, also should check the furnace wall, refrigeration system, intermediate frequency power supply switch, tilting furnace equipment, etc. Are all normal. If you have any problem to remove problem, first to furnace. Medium frequency melting furnace equipment medium frequency melting furnace in medium frequency starting after the crew can switch points in furnace. Furnace, a first to recycled waste materials into the furnace, opening to the outside world after cooling circulating water, can cover the medium frequency power supply switch. After the furnace, the broken medium frequency power supply, can notice intermediate frequency set to turn it off. Medium frequency melting furnace with cooling circulating water should be keep 5 - Eight hours. Medium frequency melting furnace molten iron medium frequency melting furnace of recycled waste mixed with closed vessels, pipe and other explosives, and recycled waste, be sure to dry mania, with no water or ice and snow. Fills and recycled waste, do not allow use hammer head, should be handled with great care, tap to prevent destruction in furnace. Medium frequency melting furnace furnace ablation thinning beyond when required, should stop the furnace maintenance. Special tools should be in a specific address, baked dry before application. Medium frequency melting furnace - How to improve the service life of crucible medium frequency melting furnace in melting process of how to perform the important parameters of medium frequency melting furnace equipment check precious metals smelting equipment | the characteristics of medium frequency melting furnace medium frequency induction melting furnace the characteristics and application of the working principle of intermediate frequency furnace medium frequency melting furnace qingyuan customer molten aluminium live video
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