Medium frequency melting furnace is how to regulate the temperature of a lift

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-05-03
For intermediate frequency furnace temperature points, many people pay more attention to practical peak temperature of the operation. Sintering furnace ZUIJIA temperature range is too high to burn, low burnt. These conditions are not ZUIJIA sintering effect. Determine ZUIJIA sintering temperature range is the key to control the temperature. How to judge whether it is owe to burn or burnt? See sintering furnace electric performance parameters, can judge. Medium frequency melting furnace is how to regulate the temperature of a lift in the condition of subcooling, silver paste can still through the silicon nitride, so the silver paste into the n-type layer is less, the effect of ohmic contact is bad, series resistance is bigger. When burnt, the consumption of silver is more than usual, and will form the silver silicon mixed layer, it will block effect, also can form a series of resistance is too large. So can't be alone resistance infer it is burned out or burned out. When cannot judge state of sintering temperature can adjust eight area, to find the approximate adjustment node, and then slowly fine-tuning. When trimming, we can according to the state in the backcourt. If the back slightly, is due to overheating, so should be fine-tuning temperature. Before sintering, must confirm the heat lamp whether can work normally. Check the area light output power is hotter than other area light average power, to ensure that the average sintering. Medium frequency melting furnace is made by heating to reduce material in the shape of a device or object. It can reduce the gap within the object, gradually gathered grain boundary, connection solid particles gradually, thus increasing the density of polycrystalline sinter equipment, reduce the object. The furnace is heated in vacuum equipment. In the metal casing or quartz glass sealing furnace used in pipeline connection with high vacuum pump systems. Vacuum chamber of a stove or furnace can be up to 133 x ( 10 - 2 ~ 10 - 4) h。 Furnace heating system can be directly with resistance furnace silk ( Such as tungsten filament) Electric heating, high frequency induction heating is also available. * high temperature can reach 3000 ℃ or so. Is mainly used for ceramic sintering, vacuum smelting and electric vacuum parts in addition to gas, annealing, brazing of the metal, and ceramic Metal sealing and so on.
induction melting machine are required in the manufacture of almost every product and induction heating equipment scrap melting furnace is one of the most common machines.
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