Medium frequency melting furnace, How to prevent accidents

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-03
Medium frequency furnace melting metal key operating temperature limit of 2600 ℃, belongs to high-risk machinery and equipment, once the equipment is very common problem with one of the aluminum shell furnace, will have a major security incidents. Therefore, from the aspect of key points to improve the quality of medium frequency melting furnace, grasp the basis of the intermediate frequency furnace maintenance work safety professional knowledge has positive significance. Intermediate frequency furnace general safety accidents have leakage (furnace, furnace, if produce safety accidents do not take effective, will cause the electromagnetic coil split air conditioning copper tube, steel furnace and freezing liquid touching and cause an explosion at a brewing shift from machinery safety accident or personal safety accidents. So on will result in the sake of safety accident preventive measures and safety after the accident plan of emergency measures should be adopted for the actual show. 1, due to leakage (furnace, furnace safety accident reason: ( 1) Iron cover cooling water for a long time, the thermal deformation, again burden burden caused cracks caused by extrusion, the whole process of melting furnaces in out of the cracks of the wear, wear caused by the furnace, or from the junction cover gush out, spray furnace safety accidents. ( 2) Increases along with the furnace life has increased, furnace charge capacity, furnace hot metal flow, furnace charge is thinner. The parts not wear furnace steel furnace work stress. ( 3) Burden when tying parts didn't rules or brought into residue and undetected, leads to melting set out from the mentioned drawbacks. ( 4) Burden caused by chilling, set out from the cracks in the smelting process. 2, preventive measures: ( 1) From the furnace building began to be full-time staff strict requirements, determine every burden tying. It is forbidden to have dirt in tying into a burden. ( 2) Every time before feeding should observe the burden have crack, broken hole will cause wear conditions of furnace, such as problems once, be sure to solve. ( 3) Smelting process for machinery and equipment in the common failure or other factors, lead to long-term can point the furnace smelting, steel furnace should be turned from the furnace, to avoid 'cover. In smelting process, if the leakage accident of furnace body, medium frequency furnace immediately can produce severe losses, not only the whole furnace steel ( Iron) Water repealed, and furnace body cardiovascular ( Induction switch) Will also be ablation, even abolished, also have will produce a casualty. Therefore, in order to prevent unnecessary damage and harm to production and manufacturing, in the application of intermediate frequency furnace, furnace prevents leakage malignant event is particularly important, in general, the equipment leakage furnace inspection alarm system is the guarantee of intermediate frequency furnace safety application corresponding measures, can prevent the accident. Medium frequency melting furnace manufacturer - There is always the right machine you need medium frequency melting furnace - Smelting capacity from 3 kg to 500 kg of intermediate frequency furnace - Maintenance of medium frequency melting furnace, cooling water supply and demand balance The current test method of intermediate frequency furnace - The key operation procedures
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