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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-09-26
No matter use what material of medium frequency melting furnace crucible, its service life is shorter than other parts of the furnace life, therefore, to improve the service life of crucible is an important issue. And in order to prevent leakage accident of furnace, can move forecast crucible of damage, and in a timely manner in order to replace the j or in crucible of damage, immediately alert, fat is also important to check the accident expanding.     No standardized prediction of intermediate frequency furnace crucible before the life of the instrument, this strider can only be the crucible of life prediction principle discussed, the specific data by operators through the daily observation to accumulate.     As we all know, medium frequency melting furnace crucible after put into use, due to the metal liquid and continuous scouring and corrosion, the crucible wall becomes more and more thin, it will affect the electric parameters of the furnace. Therefore, as long as careful observation and analysis and comparison of natural power factor of the furnace, voltage, current and power values, is bound to find the judging on the basis of crucible erosion and corrosion situation of laws. For refractory crucible, for instance, because the crucible flushing of thinning, increase the charge diameter, furnace charge impedance increases, reflected in the meter will find the indicated value, high voltage of the sensor under the same condition, current decreases. The power factor of system is improved. After a long-term accumulation of data, then according to the current changes or increase the power factor to a certain value, to determine the intermediate frequency furnace hencoop crucible used to anything. For iron crucible furnace, flushing of crucible wall thinning can make the melting rate is reduced, crucible with vertical cracks can cause abnormal inductor current decreases, accordingly can also determine crucible damage.
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