Medium frequency melting furnace heating surface quenching is what

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-05-05
The service life of furnace lining materials 'three points in material, seven points in the use of', how to effectively extend the service life of medium frequency induction furnace, is the focus of this article research direction. Its theoretical study for many years the combined with practical work experience, analyses the factors that affect the service life of the intermediate frequency induction furnace, medium frequency melting furnace heating surface quenching is what? Medium frequency melting furnace heating surface quenching was what? A, application: content introduction: under torsion and bending effect of alternating load artifacts, requirements of surface layer is higher than the core under stress or wear resistance, the workpiece surface is put forward to strengthen requirements, suitable for carbon content We = 0. 40 ~ 0. 50% of steel. Second, rapid heating induction electric furnace process method combined with immediate quenching. By rapid heating to treat processing on the surface of the steel quenching temperature, ranging from heat to center the rapid cooling, only make the surface hardening for martensite, the center is still not quenching of plasticity, toughness good annealing (original Or normalizing and tempering) Organization. Three, the main methods: induction furnace heating surface quenching ( High frequency, intermediate frequency and power frequency) Flame heating surface quenching, electric contact heating surface quenching, electrolyte heating surface hardening, laser heating surface quenching, electron beam heating surface hardening. Four, induction heating surface quenching ( A) Basic principle: the workpiece in the wind with the hollow copper pipe in sensors, bubbled into alternating current (ac), intermediate frequency furnace in workpiece surface formed with the frequency of the induced current, rapid heating of parts surface ( A few seconds to temperatures of 800 ~ 1000 degrees, heart is still close to room temperature) Immediately after water spray cooling ( Or soak oil quenching) , make the workpiece surface hardening. ( As shown in the following animation) ( 2) The choice of heating rate at room temperature induced current into the depth of the workpiece surface ( 毫米) With the current frequency f ( HZ) As the frequency increases, the relationship between current penetration depth is reduced, reduce hardening layer.
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