Medium frequency melting furnace heating element design considerations

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-05-05
Using strip for electric heating element can save material, but the service life is short, so when designing electric heater, should be used for a wide variety of conditions to select reasonable parameters, make the electric heater is reasonable consumption of raw materials, at the same time have a long and reliable service life. Medium frequency melting furnace heating element design considerations for the design of intermediate frequency furnace heating elements should consider the following in some cases, use of small diameter wire soon due to oxidation damage and change the furnace, with large diameter of the heating element is available to a long working life, but a one-time consumption of raw materials is more, compared with the use of large diameter cables to make the heating elements, although the material is more, but in general is more reasonable. Industrial medium frequency melting furnace, above 700 ℃ and the work in order to ensure reliable and long service life, quenching equipment is generally not less than & amp; φ; 4 mm wire heating element, but too big diameter of wire rod in the winding process has some difficulties, common & amp; φ; 4 - - - - - - - & φ; 6 wire winding spiral heater, use & amp; φ; 5 - - - - - - - & φ; 9 of the wire to make zigzag heater, with 2 & amp; 次; 20 and more make the zigzag heater strip. For smaller power electric furnace, in order to make the heater, the diameter is not too small, so the intermediate frequency furnace power is less than 25 kilowatt-hours with single-phase 380 v, the power is less than 10 KWH with single-phase 220 v, or use the step-down transformer element itself, are not allowed to exceed the prescribed allows the use of temperature, if more than this temperature, medium frequency melting furnace oxidation rate increased rapidly and cause damage quickly, so the intermediate frequency furnace components should be work under the right temperature, heating elements and furnace has a temperature difference between the temperature of the medium, the temperature difference according to the material characteristic of the heating elements and furnace heating process requirements, etc.
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