Medium frequency melting furnace factory maintenance skills

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-05
In medium frequency furnace factory equipment maintenance can often be found when the maintenance has spent a lot of time and energy, often the last reason is very simple. Such as: virtual attachment, screw fastening and water, such as a device to burn out. In order to shorten the maintenance time, we need to constantly sum up experience in maintenance, and observation, but also to grasp some maintenance techniques. And doctors give patients, in medium frequency power supply when maintenance after need to inspection, auscultation and olfaction, inquiry, and pulse-taking and palpation determine fault location. Medium frequency melting furnace factory maintenance skills at: observing equipment at run time within the parameters of the instrument, the equipment for exterior phenomenon such as fever, redness, screw loosening, here introduces the instrument parameters and equipment running status. In medium frequency power supply runtime intermediate frequency voltage, dc voltage, dc current three instrument has a close connection between, by observing the three parameters of instrument can judge the medium frequency power supply is operating normally. Smell: the equipment is only at run time to listen to the sound, a howling is listening to the intermediate frequency sound in the presence of noise, sound continuously, do you have any dull reactor vibration; 2 it is to listen to any lighter sound, etc. , and a normal voice. Q: is refers to understand the status of the equipment in the failure, know as detailed as possible, but also to understand the status of the running before the equipment is out of order. : cutting is exact, refers to the use of the oscilloscope, multimeter test instrument such as measuring each point of waveform, voltage, time, angles, parameters such as resistance, determine the cause of the problem. Equipment run directly after finding fault point of avoid by all means, and not to do any testing, because often behind the point of failure will have other deeper causes the occurrence of such fault.
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