Medium frequency melting furnace equipment which has several advantages

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-30
Many intermediate frequency furnace manufacturers for their own equipment knowledge is not enough so not widely used. It is suitable for melting extra-low carbon and alloy. Its metallurgical quality approach and reach the level of the vacuum induction furnace plasma metallurgy characteristic of induction furnace and line compared to induction furnace, plasma induction stove has the following advantages of intermediate frequency furnace equipment which has several advantages, 1) Arc smelting temperature higher ion is a high density of the source of arc surface he about liquid steel surface temperature of the plasma arc column cover or ballast is intensity. And common induction furnace steel surface temperature is 1600 ℃. It's minnows cold slag, slag and molten steel between the physical and chemical reactions proceed smoothly. ( 2) Can be controlled within the furnace atmosphere. Is the work of the plasma gas argon keep furnace neutral atmosphere; Can be argon; The working gas hydrogen or pure hydrogen, furnace manufacturers keep furnace reducing atmosphere; Can also use the nitrogen or compressed air, nitrogen steel smelting or take off, the plasma induction furnace can be achieved by changing the working gas to different process is currently the most used argon gas. ( 3) In smelting slag slag or no conditions. Under the condition of a slag, which can realize a series of physical and chemical reaction, such as deoxidization, desulphurization and decarbonization. The role of plasma induction furnace slag in smelting process is greater than the ordinary induction furnace smelting. If just melting molten steel pouring castings, can be used without slag melting. At this time, the work of argon protection of molten metal is rarely, oxidation, high temperature metal liquid level make trace harmful low melting point metal impurities can part removal. ( 4) High recovery rate of alloy elements. Plasma induction furnace in melting, refining and casting process, under the neutral protective atmosphere furnace is very low partial pressure of oxygen, if cooperate with strong reducing slag, the alloy elements of burning loss rate is low. Above is the intermediate frequency furnace manufacturers to introduce the advantages related to this equipment
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