Medium frequency melting furnace emergency treatment method

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-04
Because of intermediate frequency electric furnace lining material price is quite expensive, and factors such as construction time is long, so the electric furnace lining can use time to extend a is worth fighting for. Medium frequency furnace melting the unexpected emergency handling have? Intermediate frequency furnace factory here will explain the emergency treatment method for all of us! Emergency treatment method of medium frequency melting furnace, blackout accident treatment - - - - - - - Cooling water emergency treatment ( 1) Electric power distribution cabinet always double the power switch of the control room should be kept in the switch gear, when mains power outages, security power supply automatically, and then restart it furnace water pump; ( 2) When the main power supply and security power supply power at the same time, must inform electrician on duty immediately, and ready to start the emergency generator, ensure furnace running after small pumps have electric furnace cooling water. Diesel generator must make the pledge that we shall have a certain reserves of diesel, and together with the equipment run once a month. ( 3) When the diesel generator cannot start, immediately to furnace into water; ( Water of pass in and out of specific arrangement, by the equipment department to carry out the operation scheme and report to the security department for the record) ; ( 4) Due to power outages, water stop of coil, and out of the liquid iron conduction of heat is very big. If no water for a long time, the water in the coil may be to steam, cooling coil, a hose connected with the coil and coil insulation were burnt. Second, the blackout accident treatment - - - - - - - Emergency treatment furnace hot metal ( 1) Cold burden during power outages, start melting furnace charge is not completely melt don't have to be tilting furnace, keep the original state, only continue to water, waiting for the next time electricity again; ( 2) Due to the medium frequency power supply failure, molten iron had melted, but the iron water is not much and could not be pouring ( Temperature is not unqualified, composition, etc. ) , consider the stove natural coagulation after rotated Angle. If the capacity is much, consider dumping of molten iron; ( 3) Due to sudden power outages, molten iron has melted, managed to insert in the molten iron pipe before hot metal solidification, easy to melt again eliminate gas and preventing explosion accidents caused by gas; ( 4) For the solidification of the burden of the second electric melting, tilting furnace forward point perspective, the best facilitate has molten iron liquid under tilted in the lower part out first, to prevent the explosion. These fouling material viscosity, varying according to the location in the boiler, due to the effect of different melting point and the condensation of the ash, some fouling content in liquid or semi-liquid form, some of them are dry solid. The fouling material if not timely get rid of, will have adverse consequences for vacuum melting furnace.
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