Medium frequency melting furnace burner can not reach the desired effect

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-05-02
Today, many manufacturers use regenerative burner medium frequency melting furnace. Can be made within the furnace combustion air temperature to 50 to 100 ℃ lower than the furnace temperature of high temperature, melting furnace flue gas emissions within the temperature dropped below 200 ° C. Many after using the regenerative burner, medium frequency melting furnace manufacturer did not get the desired effect, after analysis it is concluded that the following reasons: the reason of medium frequency melting furnace burner can not reach the desired effect, heat will not be able to fully using the regenerative burner used by only a small part of the flue gas preheating to heating combustion wind, combustion-supporting wind temperature up to 300 ~ 350 ° C, only to reach the combustion temperature. Second, the smelting furnace positive pressure operation, melting furnace after assembling regenerative burner, unique parts manufacturer will melting furnace flue closed, causing serious positive pressure in hearth, the flame from the oven door a large number of external spray, leading to higher energy consumption. Three, no control run, medium frequency melting furnace installation of intelligent control system, in the melted material, not according to the furnace charge based on thermal conditions in the melting process to adjust the power of the burner, the regenerative burner has been in full load condition, cause a large melting time long, fuel consumption, aluminum material loss is serious. Four, with energy saving renovation of medium frequency melting furnace with intermediate frequency furnace energy saving technical reconstruction scheme is aimed at the above problems are formulated. Principle is low cost, significant effect. Mainly include: automatic control system, the negative pressure operation, waste heat utilization, etc.
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