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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-02
Medium frequency melting furnace are - Aluminum melting furnace working principle and structural features & emsp; 1, medium frequency melting furnace are aluminium melting furnace & emsp;   Heng Yang electrical points out that the medium frequency melting furnace are mainly used in aluminum, aluminum alloy smelting and temperature, especially aluminum, aluminum foundry return more and intermittent operation of single furnace smelting sites, such as aluminum, aluminum alloy plate and aluminium scrap recycling, etc.     2, the working principle of medium frequency melting furnace are & emsp;   Melting furnace of a complete set of equipment includes ark of intermediate frequency power supply, compensation capacitance, furnace ( Two) And water-cooling cable and reducer. Shell, induction coil, furnace lining, furnace body by tilting furnace reducer of four parts, such as furnace shell made of non-magnetic materials, induction coil is made up of rectangular hollow tube spiral shell, melting when the cooling water pipe. Coil which leads to the copper platoon and water-cooling cable connected, induction coil, furnace lining close to, composed of quartz sand play solid sintering, tilting furnace by tilting furnace reducer rotate directly. Tilting furnace is a secondary turbine speed reducer, self-locking performance is good, stable and reliable, emergency power when the tilting furnace work, to avoid danger. Can choose furnace switch of two furnace tilting furnace reducer motor control options, with four core rubber-sheathed wire switch box enables the operator to stand in the right position of the furnace body tilting, inching control reset. The basic component of medium frequency melting furnace including intermediate frequency power supply, compensation capacitance box and furnace, etc. According to different application requirements, it may also include infrared thermometer, temperature control devices such as melting furnace is divided into three kinds: dump type melting furnace, melting and top file type, pattern 嫆 smelting furnace. Dump type furnace according to the way of dumping can be divided into mechanical dumping and dumping and hydraulic dumping of furnace type 3, intermediate frequency melting aluminium furnace structure characteristics & emsp;   Building energy-saving think medium frequency melting aluminium furnace has the following characteristics.     1, small volume, light weight, high efficiency, less consumption;     2, low ambient temperature, smoke less, good working environment;     3, simple technology, melting operation and reliable operation;     4, uniform heating temperature, burning less, metal components uniform;     5, good casting quality, fast melting temperature, furnace temperature control, high production efficiency;     6, high availability, easy replacement of varieties. Harry's high medium frequency melting furnace are mainly used for gold, silver, copper, tin, aluminum, iron, stainless steel, platinum and other precious metals smelting heating. Smelting capacity from 1 kg to 250 kg. Mainly by the precious metal crucible container moments after induction heating melting, refining and casting process, high and moderate frequency smelting has good electromagnetic stirring effect, is advantageous to the melting temperature of the metal and the organization of uniform, slag and reducing impurity frequency range: high frequency - 20 1-50 KHZ 10 KHZ, comprehensive consideration of smelting capacity, electromagnetic stirring effect factors such as noise, heat efficiency, work design and matching compensation capacitance induction coil, decided to the size of the output frequency than the SCR intermediate frequency, energy saving at least 20% above, equipment volume is small, light weight, smelting capacity from a few kilograms to hundreds of kilograms, can choose range is very big, is suitable for production use, also suitable for schools and research institutes small smelting test content or company use. This product technology for new technology on the market, the scientific research achievements of many domestic and foreign well-known experts, successfully by the original valve technology of a transistor MOSFE technology - conversion between IGBT module technology upgrades. All models are equipped with IGBT module technology, make the product stability do better
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