Medium frequency melting furnace are accelerated to push integrates light

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-05-03
Medium frequency melting furnace are accelerating advancing integrates light, packaging machinery industry in China started relatively late, so on mechanical equipment than foreign there are larger gap. Most enterprises are at a low level devices, and continues to repeat capacity. This for a to be packaging world powers can be deadly. Medium frequency melting furnace are accelerated to promote integration to promote China's packaging industry to build new packaging machinery, led packaging machinery to develop in the direction of integration, efficient, intelligent, etc. At present, the automation technology in packaging production line, has accounted for more than 50%, heavy use of computer design and electromechanical integration control, flexible and flexibility of improve productivity, equipment, increase the manipulator to complete complex packaging. In filling equipment, packaging equipment, packaging materials production equipment, etc. , domestic enterprises have made great progress. However, about 1300 kinds of varieties of packaging machinery in our country, lack of high-tech, high precision, high quality products, product performance is low, poor stability and reliability, still need to use high end technical power of packaging machinery products to upgrade. 'To promote the independent innovation industry, promote the adjustment of industrial structure, electric products and enterprise competitiveness, as well as in international standardization based on stage and significant results were obtained in actively fight for power, etc. 'China electrical equipment industry association, vice President of Yang Qiming to assist the appoint of five years of work made a high evaluation. 'Standardization work responsibility, a difficult task. 'Review five years of work, xiao-yan fang deeper experience is' need to rely on the related enterprises, standard council, actively cooperate with research institutes and compact support. 'The association standard committee council work report: assist the appoint five years of hard work has already formed the technical support, made outstanding contributions to electrical and industrial optimization and upgrading. According to introducing, around electrical industry revitalization of the central task of the major equipment, enhance the independent innovation ability, the first of the committee, actively promote the implementation of standardized scientific and technological innovation, promoting big at present, our country facing the development of deep processing of agricultural products, building economical society, developing circular economy, such as tasks, packaging machinery products market is very broad, if packaging machinery enterprises to speed up the technology innovation, to meet the market demand, will get a handsome profit. Packaging machinery had to shift from price competition to the technological competition, new packaging machine arises at the historic moment.
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