Medium frequency induction heating The new induction heating equipment

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-16
Along with the innovation of science and technology development trend, medium frequency induction heating as a new type of professional removal, high efficiency heating coal energy, more and more used in their production and living in the business. In view of the high frequency induction heating equipment is important to design a kind of induction heating equipment. Part of the main principle of switch power supply used in - all the time Pay structure, including rectifier bridge, ac filter, inverter power supply and related maintenance principle of switch power supply. First 50 hz filters become bright and clean ac three-phase alternating current experience ballast, go through consists of two power module IPM inverter power supply of the bridge, alternating current (ac) into duty ratio of the output voltage, get the requirements of the ac voltage. Part of control circuit using 8751 single-chip microcomputer as main control chip, based on SG3525 PWM generator, ADC0809 as AD transform integrated IC. Easy to maintain choose medium frequency induction heating power output, also made the interruption of computer keyboard principle of switch power supply. Added in order to prevent the outflow of the watchdog circuit. Medium frequency induction heating part programming, important drawing the flow chart of the main program flow chart, the AD sample template, the flow chart of the computer keyboard templates and division program flow chart. Medium frequency induction furnace The high frequency equivalent circuit impedance change is not much medium frequency induction heating equipment normal operation of all mechanical failure of the medium frequency induction furnace and how much will it cost? Which is cheap? Medium frequency induction heating equipment Technology from Germany
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