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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-16
Along with the rapid development of modern system process in our country, the development trend of medium frequency induction heating industry also rapidly because environmental protection regulations and coal prices, coal carbon heating not only does not conform to the environmental protection regulations, and in terms of price and economic development is not cost-effective, on the other hand, the present stage industrial heating also many applications KGBS thyristor to dominate the components of the medium frequency heating equipment, power factor and low consumed a lot of electromagnetic energy with the spreading of financial turmoil, energy conservation and emissions reduction, reduction cost has become the problem of small and medium-sized enterprises is very urgent, so people foshan LiHua use nearly 19 years of working experience in electromagnetic induction heating, the success of the developed LH ( IGBT) Medium frequency induction heating machine series products of environmental protection equipment, the next guys in detail some of the little knowledge of high-frequency machine. Foshan medium frequency induction heating machine, intermediate frequency induction heating facilities has small volume, lighter weight, high efficiency, heat treatment quality is good and the advantages of the natural environment is rapidly replacing the original coal stove, gas furnace, oil burner, and generally high temperature furnace, heating equipment is the new generation of metal materials. Conditioning treatment medium frequency induction furnace is forging forging and the key equipment of the production workshop, its working reliability, credibility and safety coefficient of assembly line work of forging forging and conditioning normal smoothly in the work to ensure all production lines. Medium frequency induction heating machines medium frequency induction heating equipment in the heat treatment industry has very good development prospects, such as key manufacturing forging forging before heat treatment furnace, heating furnace and its used as: heating, rolling, forging, bend, quenched and tempered treatment ( Heat treatment) Induction heating, welding and other processing technology. Medium frequency induction heating equipment High power high power medium frequency induction heating The development of the load characteristic impedance low intermediate frequency induction heating medium frequency induction heating equipment - road From German technology medium frequency induction furnace and how much will it cost? Which is cheap? Medium frequency induction furnace price how much is the intermediate frequency induction heating equipment for some of the requirements of the cooling water medium frequency induction furnace applications
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