Medium frequency induction heating Heating metal composite materials

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-18
Medium frequency induction heating equipment is to be able to make small wedges metal composite materials for an instant all the temperature by heating to must include its melting point; Need not like other heating mode, to cause high temperature after heating heating metal composite material by it small piece, can immediately cause high temperature in internal internal metal; Not only can make the metal composite material small piece of the overall heating, can be selectively to each part of the heating part; Innovation is a kind of heating way, the same is electricity heating, it can heat treatment furnace, electric oven, power saving forty percent; It is said that high frequency induction heating furnace and the powerful advantages of medium frequency induction heating. The basic concept of medium frequency induction heating: steel into the electromagnetic coil, the electromagnetic coil is generally high input frequency insulating air conditioning copper tube. Lead to replace changing magnetic field in the steel leads to the same frequency induction electromotive force, this kind of induction electromotive force in steel throughout is not uniform, the surface is strong, and weak inside, the core is close to 0, application of the skin effect, can make the * heating on the surface of the steel, the working temperature up to 800 - a few seconds 1000 degrees, and the core temperature is not big. Medium frequency induction heating power the most for industrial metal parts heat treatment quenching, smelting metal composite materials, intermediate frequency of round, and other fields, is to make the steel surface in certain induction electromotive force, * heating surface of parts, ensure that the surface * heating, high frequency melting even expected effect. Medium frequency induction heating in the heating efficiency, speed is fast, good predictability and maintain a systematic, automation control, etc, have been in smelting, forging, bending and hot forging, welding welding and surface heat treatment, such as processing and manufacturing industry has been widely used. Medium frequency induction heating Medium frequency induction heating - new induction heating equipment Small volume weight less efficient high intermediate frequency induction heating The development of the load characteristic impedance low intermediate frequency induction heating
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