Medium frequency induction heating furnace equipment - Air oxidation ablation is only 0. 5%

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-11
Intermediate frequency furnace is a kind of induction heating equipment for high frequency 50 hz ac dc current change ( About 300 hz - 1000 hz) Switch power supply equipment, the three-phase alternating current, dc rectifier into alternating current (ac), after the alternating current into a adjustable high frequency electrical flow, the balance of supply and demand by the capacitor and the electromagnetic coil through the high frequency alternating current, in the electromagnetic induction coil of the high density of magnetic induction lines, and laser cutting in the electromagnetic induction coil array of metal composite materials, cause a lot of vortex in the metal composite material. Guangdong medium frequency induction heating equipment for medium frequency induction heating furnace to the basic principle of electromagnetic, caused its calorific value within the steel itself, ordinary worker to work with medium frequency induction heating furnace equipment to 10 minutes after forging task of continuous work, without burning furnace technology professional staff early burning furnace and furnace work. Temperature is faster because the heating method, so the air oxidation is very little. Heng Yang medium frequency induction heating furnace with medium frequency induction heating equipment of air oxidation of steel ablation is only 0. 5%, gas stove heating air oxidation ablation was 2%, more than 3% original coal stove, intermediate frequency induction heating process saving building materials, a ton of steel and coal furnace contrast less save 20 - stainless steel plate materials 50Kg。 Medium frequency induction heating equipment heating furnace at a faster rate, medium frequency induction furnace smelting is faster, save electricity use, less ablation, low consumption, the mixing effect, smelting temperature and metal material composition proportion, electric heater work natural environment good, medium frequency induction heating furnace equipment starting characteristic, empty furnace, furnace can be more than start. What is the intermediate frequency furnace - Intermediate frequency electric stove working principle and use the new intermediate frequency furnace characteristics and advantages of foshan intermediate frequency furnace manufacturers hai rui Rio worth choosing frequency - forging heating furnace profile How to choose the intermediate frequency furnace
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